Where you been, Writing Spider?

    Not writing, I can assure you of that. Here’s a State of the Writing Spider Union. (If you’re seeing this on Facebook, my blog is www.thewritingspider.wordpress.com)

    1. The writing group died. It had one hopeful meeting with two and a half participants and then when one participant decided her crazy suburban hausfrau life just wan’t going to accomodate a monthly writing group meeting….well, a writing group with just two people is no longer a writing group, it’s two people at a coffee shop. For now, I’m letting go of my writing group dreams.

     2. The job is still weird. I can’t even tell you how weird. I hate it. I hate ALL of it and I spend a lot of time wishing I was elsewhere.

     3. Since December, Mr. Writing Spider and I have lost three of our beloved pet ferrets to various weezil diseases. It’s been terribly sad. However, we did adopt two more from the shelter and they have been a delight. It’s not easy to lose a pet, but having the new ones who need our love and attention is a welcome distraction.

    4. I’ve discovered a keen interest in two musical groups I have been overlooking for, well…decades, really. Creedence Clearwater Revival and Fleetwood Mac. The former started as a sudden need to hear “Fortunate Son” repeatedly. The latter, well…I have no idea but Stevie Nicks cracks me up. I’d like to go to a slumber party at her house and we could eat cookies and try on wacky hats and talk about how much boys suck.

    5. I’m currently obsessed with health and fitness. I believe part of this stems from being the default tree-hugger/granola-cruncher at work. Also, work is full of unhealthy people and I think on some level I think I can ward off picking up unhealthy habits (like eating a candy bar every single afternoon around 3 pm and not drinking water because “it tastes yucky.”) through CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

     6. My not-so-supersecret project: I’m working on a website for my freelance work. It’s not The Greatest Freelancer Website on the Interwebz, but I’ve been working on it for a few weeks now, and it’s live. I’m not telling you where it is though, until I do some more stuff to it.

     7. As of today, the house is a DISASTER and the water heater blew up yesterday (the two are unrelated). But it’s all I can do to do the stuff I have to do and let the stuff I should do/want to do wait a little bit.

     8. I’d love to tell you what I’m currently watching on TV but apparently I kill TV shows with my love (SEE: Pushing Daisies, Angel, Notes from the Underbelly, Dresden Files, etc.). If I don’t act like I like them…maybe they’ll stay on TV longer.

   That’s all for now. I hope to get back into writing more often.


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