They say writing is great therapy. I’ve discovered that’s true, especially when applied in the workplace. In order to combat the feelings bombarding me at work – exasperation, frustration, indignation, and whatever the -ation word is that means ‘a strong desire to suckerpunch your co-workers – I’ve started writing worku.

     To refresh your memory, a haiku is a 3-lined poem. The first and third  lines have 5 syllables, the second has 7. This is a Japanese art form. Here is an example:

the first cold shower
even the monkey seems to want
a little coat of straw
      Lovely. Simple. I tried my hand this week at writing worku, an art form developed by me to entertain myself out of going completely ballistic at work. See what you think.
  mean arrogant rude
     you should be waiting tables
     but you’d spit in food
 kabuki makeup
     clothes too tight and small for you
     makes my head hurt. lots.
   seventh floor window
     so very far from the earth
     sometimes i could jump
  i call you ‘facepaint’
     you keep Avon in business
     purple eyeshadows
i’m writing worku
     they think i’m really busy
     worky busy bee

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