Stories and Being sick

   TA DA!

   Two whole short short stories in the can. It’s ‘in the can’ if it’s a movie but what if it’s a story? On the hard drive? In the envelope? Hot off the printer? Well, whatever. I’ve started another one, which means that if I finish it by the end of the year, I will have very nearly completed my last year’s goal of five short stories. BOO YAH.

    In reading news, I’ve nearly finished Northanger Abbey which I was supposed to have read in college over spring break but…didn’t. It’s actually quite charming. I love Jane Austen and have found her accent creeping into my emails of late. Ask my friend R – we had a whole Austenian exchange today. Charming!

    I’ve been sick the last few days with some kind of head coldy thing that mostly renders me achy and whiny enough to stay home but not deathbed sick. Am I the only one who sort of freaks out asking for sick days at work? I mean, I feel guilty because I’m staying home when I’m not deathbed sick and I have this whole moral conundrum at 7 am which is when, if I am going to work, would  be time to get breakfast then shower. But if I’m not then it’s time for tea and cozies on the couch.

     The problem with being sick as a grown up is that, unless someone can magically attend to your every whim and need, you have to be sick sort of on your own. When Husband is home and I’m sick he does lovely things like refill my ginger ale and heat up my corn pillow.* But Husband has a job to go to, so while he’s gone, I have to make my own chicken soup and heat up my own corn pillow. (See how whiny this illness has made me!) But I am always very glad when he comes home because I’m just sick enough that staying home is zero fun and kind of lonely. Even the ferrets desert me for their hammocks.

    I have managed to watch 3 Harry Potter movies, plus Stardust, Mighty Wind, and The Brothers Grimm. And I think I’ll go watch something else right now.

*The corn pillow: a flannel pillow full of feed corn that one heats in the microwave for 3 minutes then applies its heated corny goodness to wherever you need it. This week, it goes on my head or around my neck.


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  1. Northanger Abbey is my favourite Austen book. I love gothic literature enough to enjoy some gentle ribbing of it, especially when Austen makes it such fun. Just the same with parody movies.

    Our local supermarket did corn pillows (with lavender) in animal shapes last December. I stupidly didn’t get one, and they don’t look like coming back this year.

    Get well soon!

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