The Writing Spider Writes a Story

     Bit of a pat on the back today. I finished a story. It’s still a wee story, just a short short story at two pages, but it’s a story nonetheless. It’s been through my beta reader and has feedback which I am going to tackle today. Then I will put it in a drawer for a week or so, pull it out and re-evaluate.

     A word on beta readers. If you don’t have a writers’ group – more on that in a second – you need someone who will look at the stuff you wrote and tell you things about it. It needs to be a truthful evaluation but not an ego trip, and I think the reader should have some credentials – they should be writers or readers or both.

    On writing groups. I have taken a step to find some people who write things who would like me to read their things and in turn read mine. I’m hoping to get things going in January or February.

    Speaking of January and writing…my New Year’s List of Thiings to Do THis Year included writing 5 short stories by the end of the year. I have written two and a half and three chapters of a novel as of right now. I think I’m giving myself credit for the whole thing.


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