The Madness Within

     Take a big pot. Throw in the shorter darker days of November. Toss some restlessness, hormone fluctuations, and an overactive imagination. Sprinkle liberally with moodiness and finish off with a touch of job hatred. Heat to simmer.

     This morning I have just woken up from a bad dream, my head throbbing and nearly in tears. Of course the best thing for what ails you is a cup of very hot tea and a look at the internets. I still can’t shake this little twinge of disorientation from the dream, and what I think is going on is all of the above. I’m what my dad might call ‘pixelated’ and my mom might call ‘out of sorts.’ Indeed, I am feeling quite out of sorts.

     I watched Constantinelast night. I love that movie. I love how it mixes up religion and the supernatural and human madness, but I cover my eyes in the flashback when teenaged John gets a little jolt the the brain in the EST scene. As a kid, I had a weird fascination with what today we call mental health and EST terrified me. It still does. I come from a long line of mental weirdness.

     I’ve also been working on this story that is turning out to be something completely other than what I thought it was going to be. Last night I revised the whole thing, chopping and moving things around. I’m not done with it, not even a draft, but I think the direction I’m going with it is much better. It’s more interesting than the wishy-washy bits I had before. Though, it makes it all the more difficult to write because I’ve just complicated the whole thing. Stay tuned for more updates on the story. And my ongoing pixelation.



  1. You’ve just given me an insight on why on earth I’m doing the NaNoWriMo AND the NaBloPoMo, while tackling a very young baby at the same time. Otherwise the November blues would grow to full-blown meltdowns. Better tap away on the laptop than smash it.

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