Halloween Costumes, Pt. II

     I really love dressing up for Halloween. I like it more now than when I was a kid and my mom made us go as stupid stuff like hobos* and scarecrows. Our neighbor had a box of really nice handmade cloth costumes her kids had outgrown. My sister and I got a lot of mileage out of those and went as a dog, a bunny, and a clown.** 

     I have also gone as a

     A gypsy – many skirts, many necklaces. I thought gypsies were jewelry saleswomen for a loooong time.

     A punk rocker – complete with spiky pink hair

     Bobby soxer – including my school uniform shirt

     Cher – I wore my mom’s long brown wig and my grandmother’s purple paisley leisure suit. I didn’t look like Cher, except that I had the gestures down like the head swing and the bent elbows and wrists

     Little Red Riding Hood – This was awesome. We went to the zoo for their Halloween party and a wolf walked the length of his pen beside me, his head hung low and eyes watching me

     Cat – sort of boring. It was leftover from my run as one of the Siamese cats from our school talent show.

     Morticia Addams – with Husband as Gomez

     My favorite costume, I think – and I could be wrong because I don’t remember them all – has to be last year’s turn as Elastigirl/Mrs. Incredible from Disney’s animated “The Incredibles.” I put the whole thing together myself with bits and pieces from the consignment store and my own closet. It helps that I’m sort of shaped like Elastigirl and I had the hair, too.

     This year, I don’t know if we’ll be dressing up. We won’t be having a party this year (sorry guys, I have a little get-together called My 10-Year College Class Reunion to go to the weekend before, which is when we would have had it).

*For the record my sister was the most adorable hobo on the planet. However, at the time, I didn’t realize that my sister was technically dressed up as a dirty homeless man who smelled of whiskey and beans.

** What is is about my sister dressing up as characters who are, typically, effing scary? Hobo? Clown? She grew up and went as Kid Rock one year… which was actually amazing. She did the hair and the clothes. It’s amazing what a little hairdo and a good gesture can do to transform someone.


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