I am slightly obsessed with…

     Burning Man. I don’t remember when exactly I heard about this art-show-rave-camp out-love-in, but I’ve been longingly checking the website every year for about five years. I love reading the lists of what to bring and not to bring and the stories of past years’ festivities. Burning Man seems like an exhilarating experience and I would like to have it some day when I can afford it. (It’s a long way to the playa from here and gas is ‘spensive.)  I don’t even know what I would bring to trade, what I would call my camp, what costumes I would make. But I would surely meet wonderful and interesting people and have a hell of a time. We all need a hell of a time once in a while to shake things up.

     On some level, I think wanting to go to Burning Man is part of my continuous craving to meet and be surrounded by creative people. LOTS of creative people. All at once. Like a crazy intense summer camp for crazy intense people and supportive observers and other such interesting characters. According to the articles I have read and the photos I’ve seen, Burning Man is beyond a gathering of artists, rather it is a catalyst for a community of rainmakers – people who want to change something in this world.  I can only imagine the energy of the event and it makes me dizzy. 

     It’s possibly I’ve completely romanticized this Burning Man thing. For all I know, it’s just a hot dusty mess and then you come home. But I don’t think so. I think it’s a changing experience and it’s one I would like to have.

     Since I am a writer-type person, perhaps I should find a publication of some kind who will let me write about Burning Man. Perhaps they will include funding for the adventure. While I look that up, I’m going to put that out there for God, the Universe and Everything. HEY, SEND ME TO BURNING MAN TO WRITE A FANTASTIC ARTICLE FROM THE BURNING MAN NEWBIE WRITER. THANK YOU.

     If you’re not familiar with Burning Man, check out the website www DOT burningman DOT com. There are much better definitions of it than I could ever give.


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  1. Dave wrote a long memoir of his experience at Burning Man, if you’d like to read it. He actually had a pretty terrible time, but the account is funny and definitely worth reading!

    PS — Maybe you guys want to link to each other’s blogs? I promise I won’t get jealous and suspect an affair or anything!

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