Halloumi Shroomi Kababaloomi

     You know I love writing, but did you know I love cooking, too? Yes. I do. As with writing, I love to talk about cooking, new recipes, new techniques, discussing why all the recipes in Cooking Light require the sale of a kidney on the black market in order to make since their ingredients are ridiculous. (Honestly, if I could afford black truffle oil, I wouldn’t put it in my food, I would just slather it all over myself.)

     Tonight I am trying a new recipe and then something I made up which is turning out to be more fun. First, the fun one which is the appetizer. If you are not familiar with halloumi, it’s a strange wonder – cheese that doesn’t melt when you put it on the grill – that’s an excellent appetizer as well as a conversation starter because it squeaks when you eat it. This goat/sheep milk Cypriot cheese is similar to mozzarella taste and texture-wise.

     For tonight’s appetizer, I threaded baby portobella mushrooms and cubes of halloumi on bamboo skewers, drizzled with olive oil, and then grilled for about 10 minutes. I have christened this dish Halloumi Shroomi Kababaloomi. If I am ever a super hero, this might also double as my super hero name. I love how portobellas are sort of meaty-tasting when you grill them, and I didn’t need any seasoning for the mushrooms and cheese, besides the oil. If you have access to a local favorite, Basilicata, this is an excellent dipping sauce for such things.

     For the main course, I’m trying out an eggplant parmesan recipe I found at HungryGirl.com. Let me say I’m not a huge fan of non-fat/low-fat items because I find that so many of them are not really, well….food. They are foodlike, to be sure, but I prefer most of my edibles to be as close to their natural and unprocessed state as I can get them. That said, I like a healthy idea and a new challenge once in a while so I’m trying Hungry Girl’s eggplant parm that features a coating of Fiber One cereal.

     As of the writing of this post, the parm is still bubbling away in the oven so the review of that will have to wait until such time as I may write it.



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