100 words: What’s on my desk

Stuff to drink out of: A coffee mug that reads “ARE YOU A GOOD BITCH…OR A BAD BITCH?” and which I cannot bring myself to take into work. A Derby glass. An empty Diet Caffeine Free Coke can.

The paper goods: An Amazon label I printed out to send something back that was a gift I already have. An AT&T magazine that I saved with the idea that I will someday write to the editor and ask if I can freelance for him, but really I am just using it as a coaster for the BITCH mug because I’m too chicken to ask the about freelancing. Also, I Have a box of note cards from which I took one this morning to write a note to my friend who gave me a purse she found at a yard sale that was just the absolute perfect thing ever, not because it’s a purse but because it reminded me of some things of which I desperately needed to be reminded. A package of red Chinese envelopes adorned with brilliant goldfish in gold and orange foil which I will use for a little feng shui later. Two packages of momiji note cards. A copy of a magazine in which I have an article. A pad of round orange post it notes. A tiny pink pad with my name on the top. Some printouts I don’t remember why I kept.

Everything else: A handheld fan I took to a wedding on Sunday that was well-used because it was so effing hot. My digital camera which I forgot to bring to aforementioned wedding. Two pens, one from a jewelry store downtown run by large men with pendants the size of hubcaps (one of them actually IS a hubcap) who give the best service of any jewelry store I know. Also, my PC speakers and the monitor.


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