100 words: Writing a novel

The podcast I love, Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing, talks a lot about just getting the work done. I love the interview with Neil Gaiman, one of my faves, when Mur says something like, “A lot of writers say they just can’t find the time to write.” And the ineffable Gaiman verbally shrugs when he goes, “Okay.” And then says what many other writers have said – along the lines of, “If you can’t find the time, or won’t, or whatever, maybe you shouldn’t be a writer. And that’s ok.” I cringe when I think of that because I do say I have a hard time finding time to write. I’d rather read or hang out with Husband, I guess.

But the real reason?

I’m afraid I’m not good enough so what’s the point?

On some level, I know I’m quite good enough. I’ve read the drivel out there and like a lot of writers or wannabe writers, I’ve indignantly said, “I could do better.” But the difference is…they did it, poorly perhaps, but they did it and I didn’t and it’s awfully difficult to be published with no manuscript.

I write this now in an effort to help myself understand what I’m doing and fix it. I am cutting down on the TV, which is fine, it’s just reruns now and we have DVR for the rest. I’m going to make more effort to go write instead of just rest of the bit I’ve already written. It helps to tell people that I’m writing something because then they ask me about it. Keeps me honest.



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