100 Words: The Kids are Alright…Aren’t They?

A few weekends ago, I was sitting in our bedroom, reading, a pleasant breeze blowing through the balcony doors. The shouting started and I couldn’t tell where it was coming from or if it was angry shouting, so I went to the window overlooking the parking lot behind our condo. Turns out, our newish neighbor’s teenaged daughter and her boyfriend were having some kind of fight. I eased the sliding door open a little more to hear properly. (Yes, I was snooping, but a few months ago a woman was shot in our neighborhood and I was awakened by screaming shortly before the sirens drowned her out…I wanted to know if I should call the police or something.)

The boyfriend, a thin young man with long fluffy hair and glasses, sort of shuffled around, mumbling. The neighbor’s daughter, equally thin with long stringy dark hair and glasses of her own, was screaming at him. They got in the car and she screamed. She got out of the car and stormed across the parking lot. She screamed that he didn’t care and something about him ruining her hair and her entire day. And he apparently spilled her coke.

I went downstairs and told Husband who rolled his eyes. “Why do people do that?”

“What, scream and yell?”

“If someone doesn’t want to be with you, why get upset about it?”

That’s Husband for you.

Eventually, they got in the car together and drove off. Since then, I’ve witnessed one more screaming match, Husband’s seen one, and the woman who lives adjacent to the daughter and her father said they woke her up at 3:30 am one morning, screaming.

The father is apparently some kind of “sound guy” who works lots of odd hours and late nights. I don’t know if he knows what’s going on.

I keep chalking it up to teen angst. She seems to do most of the screaming while he hangs his head and paces, or smokes.  Screaming isn’t healthy in such large doses. But I wonder if we should say something to her dad…


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