100 Words: In My Tribe

A few years ago, I heard a psychic talk about soul tribes. The concept, she said, is that before you’re born, your soul lives in a tribe of souls in the Great Beyond or Heaven or whatever you want to call it. You’re alike. You like the same stuff. Then you’re all flung to earth, born and spread out and far apart from each other, forced to make your way with new souls. 

It’s new age hookum, probably, but I cotton to this concept because it explains so much – why I seem to click with some people like we’ve known each other our whole lives. Why I don’t maybe fit in with my own family sometimes. Why I crave like-minded folks. And you’re the same way, I bet.

I work with a gaggle of people who are most assuredly definitely without question not in my tribe. Walking out of work today, I thought about how different I am from these people and how much that scared me. It made me feel lonely. I spend 8 hours a day at work and that seems like an awful long time to spend with people who I have nothing in common with except the work we do. It makes getting that work done so much more difficult.

Husband insists that this is the way for 99% of workplaces. “You’re at work, you don’t have to like them.” True. But I am not that kind of person! I like harmony. I like peace. I like to feel that my back doesn’t have a giant target painted on it the minute I step into my office.




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