100 words #7: Starting a novel, the Inner Editor

Following some of Holly Lisle’s advice, I started to outline what I’d like to work on in a novel. I sat down to think about characters, setting, and a vague idea of a plot. I ended up doodling all over some paper, coming up with some stuff, and then having to walk away for a bit – my Inner Editor walked in and started yakking.

“This is such a dumb idea.”

“Oh, like that’s sooooo original.”

“I hate you. And I think you’re fat.”*

“Your writing teachers would be ASHAMED. They’re all going to quit teaching if they get wind of this mess of nonsense.”

My Inner Editor’s thinks she’s so hot. She’s like Gwenyth Paltrow, thinking she’s better than everybody else. I’ve been warned about this. Somehow, I never encountered the Inner Editor as I was writing short fiction or articles or essays. But I will persevere.

In the meantime, I keep running across things for my story. I’m building something so I need the raw materials. It’s amazing how just an idea, just a little thread can wind itself into a ball of yarn if you keep collecting bits here and there. I found some ideas for characters in a news story on CNN. I found accessories for my protagonist in my own house.

 *This is a little inside joke.


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