100 Words #6: Our heroine gets wordy

I’m so tempted to write “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” ten or twelve times in order to meet my self-imposed 100 words quota for the day. That’s about how energetic I feel about doing anything right now.

All I can think of is the word “pentimento.” I love that word. No, it’s not something you stuff in olives. It’s the bits of a painting that still peek through after the painting has been painted over. I like to use the term to apply to my writing in progress. For instance, occasionally I’ll change characters’ names in the middle of writing and don’t quite get the global find/replace to work and so she’s named Lisl on pages 1-3 and then she’s called Jolene for a page then back to Lisl. I call Jolene a pentimento because she’s leftover from before I changed the character’s name to Lisl.  

There you go. I’m thinking of writing about reading circles tomorrow.


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