100 words

A few years ago, I read a blog by a woman who wrote one hundred words a day every day for one month. I think I’d like to try that, although I’ve already started thinking of reasons I can’t do it. Hellloooo self-sabotage. But I’m going to do it today, and maybe tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes.

I met a woman who said she smoked socially in college. Now, she’s a buttoned-up corporate climber with an energy-efficient car and a lot of Ann Taylor suits. She said at parties she would “accidentally” burn the girls she didn’t like with her cigarettes. Which I think is a perfectly acceptable reason to smoke. I can imagine some of the girls I’d like to have burned in college. I only smoked once and that was with a girl I was in a play with. She’d never smoked and she was afraid, so I said I’d try it with her in rehersal. “You’re not inhaling!” they said, laughing, while I sucked away. “How can you tell?” I asked, truly unable to breathe in the smoke. I never did inhale anything, and the play was pretty good anyway. 


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  1. That’s quite courageous of the person to do 100 words per blog. I would fail that after day 3 :p. Maybe I should make it 1000 words haha!

    Anyhow, just a random passing through.via tag surfer. Hope the 100 words per blog works well!


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