I forgot….I have a little blog.

    So I’ve been slogging away in Corporate Land and I have mixed feelings about it. I’ve never been a ‘my job is my life is me’ kind of person. I like working and feeling like I have a purpose and a schedule every day. But I like to leave my job at work and do other things at home.
     I started making these ridiculous collages a couple months ago and it’s been tons of fun to sit there and cut out paper, then mod podge it to a canvas. And I wish I could stay home and write and make collages all day, instead of putting on pantyhose to go to this corporate job.
    But that might have something to do with the fact that I’ve just changed ‘teams’ and I’m not convinced I like this idea, not one bit. I came to work at this company because I like the guy who was going to be my boss and I liked the proects he was working on. I will continue to work here, but I’m not as happy about going to work anymore.
     I will try to post more often.

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