Return of SMC

    Soooo….I wrote another piece for SMC. (See previous post.) They gave me the assignment about a month or so ago and it was due “in September.” WHEN in September wasn’t specified. So around the 5th, they wanted to know when they would see a draft of the article. I said, “by the 14th.” Now, “due in September” means you can turn it in anytime in September, right? But that if you turn it in earlier than, say, the 30th, you have time to revise if necessary, right? Ok, hold that thought.

I am a ghostwriter for this company. In this case, it means I research and write pieces for them that are credited to other people. This is all fine and legal, although usually writers get paid more to be ghostwriters – I do not. (I’m cheap, remember?) I can’t use that work in my portfolio since it’s credited to someone else.

Now, as I was writing, I was thinking about the last time I wrote something for them. (See previous post.) And I don’t want to pay more stupid tax. So I wrote two emails with questions that were very specific. Both asked about content – what do you want to cover in this piece? Do you mean to cover topics x, y, AND z? The reply emails were…vague at best. So I decided to stop wasting time writing emails and just write the damn thing. My first thought was, “they are being intentionally vague so they can tell me later it’s not what they wanted and they’re not going to pay me.” But I worked hard, revised and rewrote a few times, and sent it in.

Not two hours later, an email arrived:

Thanks, WritingSpider - please see Grand Poo Bah's* comment below and advise; thank you!

-----Original Message-----
From: Grand Poo Bah
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007 11:08 AM
To: Lesser Poo Bah
Subject: RE: Economics piece

This was only one article that was to cover economics and bidding. I have
not read this, but it sounds as if it only covers economics

Can somebody please tell me…how you can NOT read something…but know “how it sounds”? Honestly, I’d like to know.

I replied to say, “I have covered the topics I was asked to cover, per the directions I received.” I resisting saying, “If Grand Poo Bah would just, you know, READ THE WHOLE THING….she might see that I did what I was asked to do.” Since then, I have been composing the feisty indignant reply email in the case that Grand Poo Bah comes back to say that they’re not paying me for this one.

Stay tuned. We’ll see if there’s more to this story.

*Names have been changed to protect the suspicious.


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