The interview Process

     I might’ve mentioned this before. I’m a freelance writer with a job habit. I like to have both freelance work AND a steady nine-to-fiver which keeps me in the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed – electricity, water, lunch every day, and gas for my car. Since Ad Agency X closed unexpectedly and left me without a nine-to-fiver, I have been looking for gainful employment.

     That’s where Big Corporation comes in. I have been interviewing with Big Corporation for almost three months now. I have had three phone interviews and four in-person interviews including a presentation. They decided that while I wasn’t right for the position I had been applying for, I might be right for another position! So… I have another phone interview tomorrow.

     I would really like to work for Big Corporation. Hell, I’d like to work for ANY body at this point. But honestly, is this necessary? I am not applying to be a CIA operative. I am not trying to get multi-level security clearance into the Pentagon or Area 51. So why all the hoops? Husband says that this is how Big Corporations run and I’m not used to it, having worked all my adult life in small artsy organizations where you can wear flip flops to work. There is mostly likely some truth in that, but still…gah.


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