The Jobless Life

Day number 84 of joblessness and the search continues.

In June, I lost my job as a copywriter at a local advertising agency. I’d only been there two months. Some career move. (At least I can collect unemployment, and that is a story for another day.) I’ve been looking for a regular gig since then, plus I’ve been trying to pick up some contract jobs.

Besides being a professional job searcher, I am also a freelance writer. Frankly, I’ll take just about any writing job. No, I’m not going to write your optimized search engine articles for .10 an article with a minimum of 500 articles. But being open to many kinds of writing jobs has lead me to some pretty fascinating projects. I’ve been able to do a little freelancing since I’ve been liberated from my 9-5, but I’ve learned that I am not cut out for the solitary world of full-time freelance writing.

Give me the smell of fresh toner and some office drama any day.

It’s hard to be jobless this long. The last time I was sans work, I was only off for six weeks before I found something new. We’re heading into the third month and I’m starting to panic. I’ve been doing the right things, sending out the resume and portfolio, spreading the word to friends. Sure I’ve had a few nibbles – everybody wants someone who can write, right? But I’m having a little bit of an identity crisis. I’m no longer the person who gets up and goes to the Y before showering and going to work. I’m the person who had to cancel her Y membership and may or may not wash her hair every day.

Ok, now I really am going to go wash my hair.


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